What to wear to a Music Festival?



Coachella is coming up next month and let me ask you a question: Do you know what to wear at a festival? Well, if you don’t, I came to give you some advices that maybe you can use to look cute while meeting the various celebs that attend this festival!

Let’s start with the site that the festival is being held. Is it grass? If it is, you can go with sandals and even bare foot. Is it a place that it might have mud? If you don’t like getting dirty or you don’t party that hard, you can go with boots or sneakers but if you’re an earthy person you can go bare foot and party just as hard as anyone with boots.

I went trought pinterest to find some stylish outfits to show you guys and look what I found!


They go boho chick all the way!

Do you know Vanessa Hudgens? Well if you don’t, you should! She rocks on festivals with cute boho outifits and she looks amazing! If you need some ideas for going boho you should google her! Her fashion style is what I like to call unique and creative!

Here are some of her outfits. The last two ones, she wasn’t even at a festival!


Now that the outfit part is settled, let’s think about the right hairstyle to rock with the outfits!

In my opinion, braids go all the way in with boho! Let’s see some ideas huh?


This Youtube channel has a lot of tutorials with all kinds of braids you can do by yourself!

I hope this post can help you to find the perfect outfit for the festival and I hpe you like the ideas as much as liked finding them and putting all together to share it with you!

If you want more ideas, click here and visit my Pinterest! 

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